5 Reasons You Need a Ghostwriter For Your Real Estate Marketing Materials

You’re a busy real estate professional building a top-notch real estate business. And you’ve got writing needs. You want to update your blog so that it has relevant information and makes a connection with your readers. You need articles for your website and other print materials. You’ve been thinking about finally writing that book and making it available as a download for your prospects…and maybe someday getting it published. But you may be having a hard time keeping up with your writing needs. Maybe you’ll see something familiar in the five reasons below as to why you may need to hire a professional ghostwriter.1. Lack of patience – It takes a certain amount of patience to create cohesive marketing materials. Writing isn’t just about cranking out a bunch of words. It requires organization and an effort to tie everything in so that it flows from one thought to the next. Many people just want to throw some sentences out there and call it a day. But writing professional material takes patience and determination to create an easy-to-read end product.2. Lack of focus – You’ve got a business to build. You’re prospecting for clients. You’re juggling current buyers and sellers. It’s easy to get distracted from the task at hand of writing material from your business. You know you need to draft sales letters but you keep fielding phone calls about that one transaction. You really have a great idea for an eBook to give prospects but your calendar is full of networking events. It’s completely understandable because as a real estate agent working to grow your business you’re pulled in many directions.3. Lack of ability – You know real estate inside and out. You know how to smooth out the craziest real estate transaction and get escrow closed. But do you know writing? Do you know proper grammar and flow? It’s okay if you don’t…that’s why there are professional writers who do this for a living.4. Lack of time – There are only so many hours in a given day and a given week. And you are busy juggling your real estate business with the rest of your life. So you might not have an hour or two a day to carve out and dedicate to writing.5. You encounter one or more of the above issues, and you still have writing needs…be it for articles, blogs ebooks or something else. Only it’s imperative you that you retain all rights to the materials and be seen as the writer of said materials. For many who use their real estate materials as an extension of themselves, it’s important to maintain that impression that everything has been created by you, the real estate agent in question.Recognize yourself in any of these above reasons? If so, a professional ghostwriter would be the perfect addition to your real estate business. A ghostwriter with real estate experience or knowledge will be able to look over your current materials and match the overall tone and feel, keeping your brand intact. She can look over your notes, organize them so that your ideas flow in a manner that makes sense and then flesh it out, creating materials that you know are part of you… And the best part? You still get all the rights and all the credit. Your original ideas are organized, augmented and turned into a usable writing piece that enhances your real estate business.